My Curriculum Vitae


M.A. in Ancient History, York University, 2008

  • major research focus on the socio-cultural implications of domestic art on the definition of elite male virtus in the late Roman Republic, Principate, and Early Empire
  • special emphasis on:
    • sexuality and society in Ancient Greece and Rome
    • Textual interpretation and analysis in Latin, Ancient Greek, and in translation
    • Archaic Greek art and society
  • Supervisor: Guy P.R. Métraux

B.A. Honours in History and Classical Civilizations, Trinity College, University of Toronto, 2005

  • Undergraduate thesis research compared American slavery and Russian serfdom in the late 19th century supervised by Rick Halpern and Robert Johnson
  • Special emphasis on:
    • Slave societies – comparing ancient and modern
    • Roman naming conventions
    • The Punic Wars (particularly the Hannibalic War)
    • Socio-political organization in Ancient Rome
  • Primary professors: Michael Dewar, Timothy Barnes, John Traill, Alison Keith

Other Accreditations:

Certificate on Teaching Business English (CertTBE), The International TESOL Centre (TITC), 2010 – Completed final exam with a perfect score

Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Other Language (TESOL), TITC, 2009

Accredited Pharmacy Assistant, Ontario College of Pharmacists via Shoppers Drug Mart, 1998

Honours and Awards:

  • Awards and Nominations for Fiction and Non-Fiction as Literary Agent:
    • “Beerology” by Mirella Amato – Best Beer Book Canada Gourmand Drinks Award 2014, Finalist Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015, and Finalist Taste Canada Food Writing Awards 2015
    • “Tell It To The World” by Elliot Behar – Finalist for the Hillary Weston Writers Trust Prize for Non-Fiction 2015
    • “The Dilettantes” by Michael Hingston – Finalist Alberta Readers’ Choice Award 2014, and Finalist Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year 2014
    • “Flying Time” by Suzanne North – Winner of the 2015 Saskatchewan Book Awards University of Regina Book of the Year
  • York University Graduate Entrance Scholarship, September 2006
  • Provost W.T. Delworth Graduating Scholarship, Trinity College, May 2005
  • Sceptre Investment Council Award, May 2004
  • Dean’s List, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto, 2003-2004 Academic Year
  • Millenium Scholarship, Government of Ontario, 2001-2003 Academic Years
  • Golden Key International Honour Society member since 2002
  • Offered President’s Scholarship, Carleton University, March 2001
  • O.A.C. English 1 Award, Markham District High School, May 2001
  • First Place, Archaeological Dig Team, Ontario Classics Conference, 1999

Publications, Presentations, and Contributions:

  • Member, Aryballos Group – focus on Ancient Sport
  • Media, Marketing, and Engagement Volunteer, Ancient Cultures Department – Royal Ontario Museum, Summer 2013
  • The Classical Association of Canadian West, University of Alberta, Edmonton, March 2013 – “Sed Gladiator Est: The Role of Gladiators in Roman Society and Why Modern Scholarship Seems So Terribly Troubled By It” paper presentation
  • Atlantic Classical Association Annual General Meeting, Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, October 2011: “The Noble Gladiator: Archaeological Evidence of Gladiatorial Representations from the Roman World” paper presentation
  • Book reviewer for, a socially conscious discursive website
  • TOCS-IN (Table of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists), Toronto and Belgium: Data Collection Volunteer since March 2009
  • British Association of American Studies, Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh, March 2008: “Vigilante-ism in American Cinema” – proposal accepted; unable to attend
  • Master’s Thesis, York University, January 2008: “The Amphitheatre Sublime: Images of Gladiators in Domestic Art as Representations of Virtus
  • Fifth Annual A.G. Leventis Conference, “The Gods of Ancient Greece: Identities and Transformations”, University of Edinburgh, November 2007: participant
  • Volunteer Copywriter, Greek and Roman Galleries – Royal Ontario Museum, April to August 2007: plaques on The Roman Republic, The Household, Gaius Julius Caesar, Funerary Objects, and Roman Egypt
  • Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement (P.A.C.E.), York University, March and April 2007: bibliographical entries into journals database for The Gaze in Polybius’ Histories by James Davidson (1991), Modern Idiom in an Ancient Context: Another Look at the Strategy of the Second Punic War by G.H. Donaldson (1962), and Problems of the Second Punic War by J.S. Reid (1913)
  • New Frontiers Graduate History Conference, York University, February 2007: “The Amphitheatre Sublime, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Russell Crowe” paper presentation
  • “After the Fall: Sex, Gender and Power” Graduate Symposium, University of Toronto, February 2007: “The Noble Gladiator” paper presentation

Teaching Experience:

  • Freelance Editor, Social Work doctoral student and post-doctoral fellow, Wilfrid Laurier University, August 2009 to March 2011
    • Assisted with major content and substantive edit of doctoral dissertation, ensuring standardization of terms, references, and spelling as well as streamlining thematic structure and argument clarity
    • Conferred regularly with doctoral student to ensure comprehensive interpretation and analysis of case study data and participant testimonials
    • Further developed an understanding of universal writing do’s and don’t’s while working in a discipline I was entirely unfamiliar with
  • Freelance Tutor, Art History, English, and Classics, University of Toronto, August 2009 to June 2011
    • Guided undergraduate students through course subject matter they were struggling with by encouraging analytical conversation, visual aids, and supplementary readings
    • Assisted with planning a written assignment and acted as first-look editor and proofreader as required and as requested
    • Further reinforced my ability to articulate ideas and encourage discussion on a given topic
  • Freelance Editor, London, UK, January 2008 to June 2009
    • Assisted students at the graduate and undergraduate level with planning written assignments, structuring arguments, and developing cogent arguments appropriate to each individual assignment
    • Acted as editor and proofreader as requested
    • Reinforced my skills with developing a solid thesis-based argument around a specific topic or subject and my ability to articulate that structure effectively
  • Private Tutor, Huntsville, Ontario, August 2008
    • Planned, prepared, and delivered a five-day course on Roman Emperors for a home-schooled student preparing for high-school equivalency tests
    • Incorporated readings, discussion, visual and written assignments, and encouraged a positive learning environment where the student felt comfortable asking questions and following ideas along intuitive thought processes
    • Developed a more effective sense of the flexibility required within teaching environments and was pleased and encouraged by the student’s responses to the material

Research Experience:

  • Research Assistant, Department of Humanities, York University, April to August 2007
    • Supervisor: Bernard Lightman
      • Employed a variety of conventional and innovative research techniques to present comprehensive research material for Professor Lightman’s purposes
      • Developed confidence working with a topic (the explosion of interest in natural history during the 19th century in Britain) I was previously unfamiliar with and successfully conducted research on this topic with minimal supervision


  • Wadi Tumilat and Gezer Gateway Projects, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto, September 2004 to March 2005 (Work-Study Program)
    • Project Leads: John Holladay and Taber James
      • Scanned, recorded, and catalogued first millennium AD/CE silver coins from Afghanistan adhering to proper preservation techniques
      • Completed data entry on stratigraphy at Wadi Tumilat site as well as on small- to medium-sized votive objects and coins
      • Was encouraged to explore numismatics as they related to my area of study and enjoyed the opportunity of learning how to measure Roman weaponry based on an individual’s physical dimensions
      • Learned preservation techniques and how my own physiology affected the preservation of archaeological material (metal, pottery, etc.)


  • North Abydos Cultic Zone Project, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto, September 2003 to March 2004 (Work-Study Program)
    • Project Lead: Mary-Anne Pouls-Wegner
      • Completed data entry of small votive objects from field notes taken at Abydos
      • Undertook digital imaging of archaeological sketches as part of larger digital cataloguing for the project
      • Developed a basic understanding of the process by which archaeological field notes are translated into useable material for multimedia platforms, academic publications, lectures, and reference


  • Roman Nicknames and Naming Practices, Department of Classics, University of Toronto, September 2002 to May 2003 (Research Opportunity Program)
    • Project Lead: Christer Bruun
      • Compiled a list of references to names and nicknames from a wide variety of Latin literary sources as part of an examination into possible naming conventions among the Ancient Romans
      • Presented the project’s findings at the University’s Annual Spring Fair in April 2002 with my colleague Karin Wallace
      • Developed my research skills by considering alternative reference sources, bibliographical notes, and leading academics in each field

Academic and Administrative Experience:

  • Branch Office Administrator, Edward Jones, October 2013 to Present
    • Supervise branch operations and manage the day-to-day administration of client accounts with professionalism and standards of practice
    • Work closely with the branch financial advisor to augment the profitability of our business by reviewing metrics, and strategizing with SMART objectives
    • Strictly adhere to policies regarding client privacy, documentation requirements, and overall completeness of client information
  • Publishing Consultant, Transatlantic Literary Agency Inc. and Starburst Digital Rights International Inc., September 2009 to September 2013
    • Supported new initiatives in digital publishing for clients looking to explore new readership opportunities, such as print-on-demand and eBook publishing
    • Facilitated the access to and development of new relationships between clients and eVendors throughout North America, including Apple, Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords
    • Successfully connected with graphic designers and eBook production specialists at an early stage in Starburst’s naissance and cemented preferential business relationships
    • Managed each project from initial contact through the various development stages to production with a professional attitude and clear, concise discourse with clients
    • Approached each book’s individual qualities and specifications with care and transparency to encourage a positive team-building experience by implementing project-specific marketing strategies and fostering long-term business relationships
    • Supported the Managing Director of Starburst Digital Rights International Inc. with the administration of the company by drafting and proofing all written materials prepared for general release including briefing memos, press releases, contracts, and addenda
    • Initiated a systematic rights review reporting system within webex CRM to support the Administrator at Transatlantic Literary Agency Inc and ensure that clients’ rights lists are accurate and updated regularly
    • Coordinated the creation and distribution of quarterly newsletters, featured news briefs, and awards notifications for the Transatlantic Literary Agency using Adobe Photoshop and Constant Contact
    • Developed a comprehensive understanding of the nature of starting and running a small business, from incorporation and legal issues to branding and taking pride in a solid literary product


  • Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, David Grossman Literary Agency Ltd., September 2008 to July 2009 (UK)
    • Acted as the poised and professional first point of contact for all inquiries from clients, prospective authors, editors, managing publishers, and other international partners
    • Ensured the office environment was organized and functioning effectively at all times
    • Prepared manuscript submissions to editors at UK publishing houses as well as for our co-agents in Europe, North America, and elsewhere
    • Completed reader reports on prospective manuscripts, detailing issues of plot, narrative structure, characterization, atmosphere, etc. (qualitative and quantitative analysis and interpretation)
    • Engaged in study, interpretation, and analysis of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts as a further asset to historical analysis undertaken in academia


  • Departmental Administrator, Paediatric Occupational and Physiotherapy Departments, Northern Health Centre, London Borough of Islington, October 2007 to August 2008
    • Acted as the first point of contact for all inquiries
    • Maintained patient confidentiality at all times and ensured patient records were accurate and up to date
    • Managed the schedules of 12 therapists at four off-site locations in addition to those at the Centre
    • Streamlined the administrative process for the department to the extent that the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy sections consolidated as the Paediatric Joint Therapy Department
    • Created an employee manual prior to my departure from the post for the purposes of identifying the new roles required of the administrator and to facilitate the hiring process by conferring with senior therapists, administrators, and other medical health professionals involved in the process
    • Utilized my organizational skills to address a lack of coherent, standardized administrative systems and became a dependable, knowledgeable, and reassuring member of the therapy teams
    • Through these efforts, I removed the potentially exhausting onus of government-required administrative tasks from therapists who were then able to concentrate on delivering patient services by restructuring the process to be more regular and enjoyable while still adhering to federal policy mandates


  • Graduate Assistant, Department of History, York University, August 2006 to April 2007
    • Completed major and minor research as required for a variety of projects within the department, largely for pre-publication and peri-publication reasons
    • Compiled a database of funerary objects from Roman Spain from several hundred pages of Word document notes for easy reference in future
    • Building on my work-study opportunities with archaeological projects at the University of Toronto, I developed a stronger understanding of the vast notation and cataloguing resulting from field study over several years


  • Academic Advisor, House of the Angel’s Roost, Trinity College, University of Toronto, September 2003 to May 2004
    • Acted as primary contact for first year undergraduate students to facilitate access to the College’s academic support structure
    • Actioned any major concerns regarding students struggling to adapt to residence life as appropriate
    • Building on my experience with distressed individuals while working at Shoppers Drug Mart, I further reinforced my ability to address delicate and challenging situations with sympathy and consideration, as well as recognizing when another advisor or senior academic personnel were the more appropriate choice


  • Peer Advisor, Research Opportunity Program (R.O.P.), University of Toronto, September 2003 to May 2004
    • After successfully completing the program, I acted as mentor to new students to the R.O.P.
    • Offered insight, information, suggestions, and a sympathetic ear to students’ individual challenges and concerns
    • Instilled basic understanding of how interactions between students can be both beneficial and delicate


  • Participant, Ontario Student Classics Conference, 1998-2000
    • Participated as a member of the Markham District High School (M.D.H.S.) team in sight translation, sight reading, athletic, and archaeological competitions during the four-day conference each year
    • MDHS placed second or higher overall between 1998 and 2000
    • Developed a positive enthusiasm for all aspects of Classical History and enjoyed friendly competition through academic excellence and creative innovation (our school motto at the Conferences was “quis est pater vobis?”)


  • Pharmacy Assistant/Technician, Shoppers Drug Mart, March 1998 to August 2006
    • Assisted with the day-to-day activities as part of the pharmacy team; these activities included entering, logging, and filling prescriptions, managing pharmaceutical inventory, ensuring the work space was neat and organized, and greeting patients who were often unwell or otherwise upset
    • Initiated major inventory overhaul at three separate pharmacy locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area and established a regular rotating cycle count to optimize inventory records and base-line stock orders
    • Developed a strong understanding of Canadian medical policies, procedures, and legislation and ensured the confidentiality of patient files at all times
    • Developed a strong ability to recognize and address challenges in customer service in a professional and appropriate manner

Teaching and Research Interests:

  • Gender studies and sexuality in the Ancient World
  • Roman Spectacle
  • The Punic Wars
  • Augustus and the Early Principate

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