Current Projects

DEAD LINKS – what are the known unknowns of the Ancient World? What lost materials, foods, literature, and artefacts do historians wax philosophic about wishing they had? This monthly blog series published on the 1st will examine what we know we no longer have and why those items open up all sorts of new ideas about the Ancient World.

THE HISTORIA AUGUSTA VS EDWARD GIBBON – a comparative review of the Historia Augusta (Loeb Classical Library, three volumes) and The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon.

COLOSSAL SCULPTURE IN ROMAN BATHS – following the discovery of an assemblage of Antonine sculpture at Sagalassos in Turkey, further work is warranted on the study of colossal imperial sculpture in public space. I’m thinking specifically of the work of Tonio Holscher, Lisa Nevett, and Paul Zanker and how quickly art in public space can be idealized and politicized.

GLADIATORS – figural representation in domestic Roman space from North Africa to Germany to the Greek East