The Roundup #52

It’s been a frenetic week in Toronto – the Jays are out of the playoffs and the Americans are still dealing with this clusterfuck of an election. But in contrast it seems to have been a rather quiet one in the world of archaeological news, particularly since there were so many features posted this week.

Here’s this week’s (smallish) roundup. Enjoy!


A feature on ancient Vienna in France (not to be confused with modern Vienna in Austria), one of the largest Roman sites in the country.

Did a sea monster sink this German U-Boat? Depends on whether it’s UB-85. Scottish workers discovered the World War One wreck while laying cable in the Irish Sea.

Another feature, this one on the archaeological forgery that was Piltdown Man. Some people will do anything to get in to the Royal Society.


Yet another feature, this one on the archaeology of the domestic cat.

From the Smithsonian:

The fantastic discovery of dinosaur remains in Denali National Park, the first such fossils recovered from the area in Alaska, suggest that the vegetation at the time was conducive to preserving the remains of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous.


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