The Roundup #30

This time I’m getting a jump-start on my weekend post, so I’m not so badly delayed in posting it as I was with the previous roundup.

Lots going on this week, so here we go!


A winery nearly two thousand years old has been discovered outside the old city walls of Jerusalem.

Monumental tomb mounds – hailed as Polish Pyramids – have been identified by archaeologists from the University of Szczesin.

The Nubian-Egyptian divide grows ever less clear with the discovery of this tomb of a Nubian woman buried with Egyptian-style attributes in Sudan.

There is evidence that the wall paintings from Egypt’s Western Desert were not in fact made by humans, or even primates, but possibly by reptiles such as desert monitor lizards.

A Japanese sword from the second century BCE has been found to have the engraving of a shark on its blade.

A Bronze Age burial site near Bethlehem and now called Khalet al-Jam’a has been discovered with more than 100 tombs, 30 of which appear to be intact.

Lake Baikal seems to be in the news a lot lately, not least because of its archaeological wealth, such as this dog burial for example.

An absolutely gorgeous Roman ring, with Cupid and (the suggestion of) Psyche has been discovered in England by a metal detectorist.

And art knows no bounds, according to archaeologists researching a fresco in Hungary that they believe was sketched on one from the old St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


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