The Roundup #22

So I vanished for a few weeks. Netflix released their new series Jessica Jones. What was I to do? Just ignore that fact and forge ahead? Nope.

Here’s a roundup from the last two weeks. It’s been relatively quiet… Like the archaeological world knew I’d be distracted by dark Marvel storytelling…


Uniqueness will always be celebrated, even when that celebration is a sacrifice and entombment, as has been discovered in northern China where a golden or palomino horse was buried with its owner.

Evidence of sewing machines from San Francisco’s chinatown destroyed in the earthquake of 1906 have revived research into the city’s 19th century past.

A massive Bronze Age settlement has been discovered in Scotland.

I feel like I’ve heard about this before, but aerial mapping of the site of Angkor Wat shows that the complex is much larger than originally thought.

A 12th century castle has been discovered under the exercise yard of Gloucester Prison which closed in 2013.

Sicily’s Valley of the Temples is being surveyed, showing that these large structures were aligned with major thoroughfares and constellations in the sky.

From The Guardian:

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the tomb of Suleiman The Magnificent, the longest ruling sultan of the Ottoman Empire, in Hungary.


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