The Roundup #17 – Part B

I was away on my first trip to New York last week, and so did not prepare my usual post for the week. And then of course I had that whole going-to-work thing to do this week, so I’m well behind.

As a result, I’ll do two #17s – A and B – and cover all the stuff from the previous two weeks in two weekend posts.

Here goes!


A temple to Asclepius has been found at the site of Feneos in Greece.

Dingos didn’t do much baby-eating back in the day, as evidence that Aboriginal women in Australia used dingos as hunting dogs suggests.

An artefact bearingĀ the world’s oldest alphabetic script has been identified from Luxor and dating to the 5th century BC.

Evidence of plague abounds, as it invariably always will.

A(nother) head of Medusa has been unearthed at the first century AD Roman site of Antiochia ad Cragum in Turkey.

And jewellery will always be an important part in any lady’s wardrobe, as evidence from 150,000 years ago suggests. These pierced snail shells from Libya were once used to adorn, well, anything.

From the Smithsonian:

Aztalan. Human sacrifice. Wisconsin. That is all.

Modern archaeology considers the remains of one of the most expensive movie sets ever created.

From the Guardian:

An annotated map of Middle Earth by Tolkien himself has been discovered in an old book at Blackwell’s.